About us

AnaliteX  is a Swedish company that produces high-quality software tools and develops new experimental method for electron microscopy and electron and x-ray crystallography. AnaliteX was founded by Peter Oleynikov (PhD) in 2004 with a simple goal and is intended to create crystallographic software solutions for Windows based PCs. 

Software tools from  AnaliteX  are designed to help scientists realize their goals in calculations and simulations for X-rays and electron microscopy / electron diffraction. 

This web site is a part of  AnaliteX  and is dedicated to the  electron diffraction tomography  ( EDT ) experimental data collection, processing, analysis and refinement methods.

AnaliteX  brings and merges the knowledge end experience from different fields of science:

  • from high speed optimized computations all the way to astonishing graphical user interfaces;
  • from software to hardware;
  • from theoretical crystallography to experimental methods developments;
  • from the experimental data collection to the fixed and quantitative data processing and analysis.
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Exhibition: Microscopy & Microanalysis 2018 August 5-9 in Baltimore, USA

We are at the M&M 2018 Annual Meeting and Exhibition at Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, August 5-9, 2018. 

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  • Stockholm, Sweden