AnaliteX software is designed to help scientists realize their goals in calculations and simulations for X-rays and electron microscopy / electron diffraction.



AnaliteX  delivers unique and elegant software package that  helps you  bring  tedious and time consuming  3D EDT data collection and processing to new levels. The EDT software package from  AnaliteX  aims to change the way TEM data collection and the experimental data processing and computing experiences are made.

Collecting, processing and analyzing any electron diffraction tomography data is very time consuming, tedious and hard work. It is extremely important to have dedicated software tools for speeding up the whole process. The first and important step in achieving this goal is the dedicated EDT software package from  AnaliteX.



Power: simulations and calculations

You can get your calculations and simulations in X-rays diffraction, High Resolution Electron Microscopy and Electron diffraction.

Simple: Little effort to learn

Software packages is easy to understand and use for scientific calculations and simulations.

Modern: based on recent technologies

Since we watch after the recent trends in GUI development our software solutions follow the general trends of visual application design.

Speed: high performance

Optimized processors offer highly extensively threaded mathematical routines for scientific applications.

Recent news

We are at the M&M 2018 Annual Meeting and Exhibition at Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, August 5-9, 2018. 

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