Unattested Share Pledge Agreement

3, headquartered in Rawat ni Wadi, Central Bank of India, Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, PIN and its head office in I n i t p p a r k, 4 t h F l o r, building 4, B Wing, Gen. A. K. Vaidya Marg, Dindoshi, Malad (East), Mumbai (hereafter referred to as ACE, whose expression is not contrary to the context and meaning of it, is considered common and include its successors). WHEREAS: a. The member is a member of ACE b. One of the requirements of membership is that, in order to benefit from additional exposure or exposure for the CEA negotiation, the member must, with ACE, retain additional deposits of basic capital or margin (hereafter, in the case of shortness of time known as marginal deposits), in the form of cash; bank guarantees, securities or products authorized in dematerialized form (raw materials) for the proper execution and execution of its obligations, obligations, transactions, commitments or commitments as a member, including all amounts earned by that member to ACE or another party, as decided by ACE, resulting from contracts/transactions concluded, executed, executed, executed, executed, executed or concluded by that member. c. Goods to be deposited by the member for this purpose are permitted in dematerialized form and by ACE from time to time. d. Members occasionally deposit goods with custodians that may be authorized by the ACE (Custodian /Depository Participant) and which can be sourced. NOW CES DEED WITNESSETH AS FOLLOWS: 1. Given the agreement that ACE has agreed to accept dematerialized raw materials, as approved by the Company, the member hereby undertakes to: and/or seize from time to time raw materials (hereafter referred to as Said Commodities and described in the attached list and all goods deposited from time to time in addition, as a replacement or as a replacement) with ACE as a guarantee of the performance and performance of all its obligations, transactions, commitments or commitments as a member of the CEA, including any amounts the member has made to CEA or any other party, determined by the CEA, resulting from contracts or entered into by that member.

, are executed, executed, executed, executed or completed. 2. The member places these goods in the case of absolute delay of the custodian/custodian designated for this purpose by the CEA, and this provision is uncontested, notwithstanding the fact that the member may have access to those goods in the manner and subject to the conditions set by the CEA. This deed of instruction is either stamped/francized on paper of the Rs.300/-, or the value that prevails in the state where the execution is carried out, according to the higher value and acquired on behalf of Member 2. Please ensure that every deficiency that is subject to the notice is properly filled. 3. Please make sure that every handwritten detail filled out is countersigned by the authorized signatory (ies). 4. Please make sure that each page is signed and marked with a stamp. Under this amendment, a number of officials from the Gujarat Tax Department and the Chancery began to say that when a security agent seizes a security document and the guarantee is in trust for the benefit of several lenders, the guarantee is actually created for the benefit of each lender and that the various separate business/transactions within the meaning of Section 5 of the Act would constitute. Although stamp duty is capped at a mortgage/mortgage/consignment agreement in Gujarat, stamp duty on these security documents has been increasingly paid as a multiple of the capped amount and number of lenders that the trustee would represent.