Study Now Pay Later Agreement

This is an excellent alternative to using VET FEE, where course fees can be increased more than often by 5 times the amount, now you can study the desired qualification without the bank breaking. Payment plans allow you to pay for your course as you go. All our courses offer the best value for money and are competitive. MANILA, Philippines – So far, there are 21 schools that have expressed interest in “studying now, later” the Philippines Land Bank, President Rodrigo Dutertte said monday. THE OFWs, who have to borrow for their children`s education and other tuition fees, benefit from even lower interest rates thanks to the credit guaranteed by the BDO Kabayan. Annual rates range from 17.06% to 17.08% (0.78% to 0.84% additional monthly rates). To qualify for the BDO Guaranteed Loan for OFWs, a BDO savings account or time deposit with at least 15,000 PHP payments is the necessary guarantee. Launched in May 2020, LandBank ACADEME`s loan program aims to help private high schools, private technical and vocational institutions, and higher education institutions such as universities and universities train their students through their parents or benefactors through a “Study Now, Pay Later” program. LandBank President und CEO Cecilia C. Borromeo, STI-ESGI Executive Committee Chairperosn Dr. Eusebio H. Tanco and STI-ESGI Chief Executive Officer Monico V.

Jacob led the virtual signing of the Term Loan Rediscounting Line under the ACADEME (ACcess Academic Development to Empower the Masses towards Endless Opportunities) Lending Program. The event was attested by the Senior Vice Chairman of the Finance and Treasury Committee, Yolanda M. Bautista and LandBank Agricultural and Development Lending Sector Officer In-Charge Senior Vice President Ma. Celeste A. Burgos. “Nearly 70% of our students are supported by foreign workers who are repatriated during this pandemic. This LandBank facility provides the much-needed discharge. STI also agreed not to pass on the 3% stake in this facility. We will absorb these costs and we thank LandBank for being the first bank to now propose a study, plan later. We are committed to training our young people and we are pleased to work with LandBank to ensure that its future remains optimistic and hopeful,” Jacob said in his response. You can sign up for a course today and pay nothing in advance. By paying for your course on a plan, you can spread the costs for your studies and pay over time.

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