Scheduling Agreement Purchase Order

When the timetable is set with reference to centrally agreed contracts, the terms of the delivery plan should not be changed. Appointment exemptions (including a head and actual delivery plan) are issued to the creditor and tell the creditor to make deliveries of the material concerned on the specified dates. You can use commands to meet your needs through external sources (i.e., a customer provides hardware or performs a service). You can also use a command to obtain a necessary material in one of your installations from an internal source, i.e. from another plant. These operations are long-term relocation operations. Activities that follow orders (for example. B the receipt of goods and invoices) are recorded so that you can follow the purchase process. Reference to the concept of “unlocking”: in the purchase in MM, the term A is used as a generic term, which covers different types of supporting documents issued against framework agreements (these may be unblocking contracts issued against contracts or, as is the case here, delivery releases, i.e. types of continuous delivery plans issued against delivery plans), and B) in conjunction with an internal process of authorisation or authorization of purchases. In both cases, the “clearance” can be considered equivalent to the “green light” to take a particular action (for example. B to the seller to provide a certain amount of material, or to purchase to create or issue an order for items requested by a user section). The use of delivery plans can reduce processing times and reduce red tape.

A delivery plan can replace many discrete orders or devotional orders. You make an appointment for the total amount you need, but you submit a separate delivery plan for the required amount. A delivery plan consists of a set of items for which a type of supply is defined. The following types of purchases exist: Upplanned PO are direct orders or may be due to P.Req for immediate purchase, etc. The fundamental difference lies in the fact that, although the order represents a specific “commercial transaction” between your company and the third party, the contract/framework agreement is used to record the long-term agreement between your company and the Seller for the supply of certain equipment and/or the provision of services in accordance with the pre-defined terms and conditions.