Employee Key Card Agreement

New staff members can obtain access cards, also known as “key cards” or “access cards”, by asking a direct supervisor to contact public safety by email. Requests for key cards must contain the name of the person, the division in which they work, and the specific areas and doors for which access is requested. The maintenance of all access systems, including closing devices, electronic access control devices and cameras, is the responsibility of the facilities. The possession and use of interior building keys and access cards are the responsibility of the head of department or administrator for each unit. This does not apply to interior door keys, such as office keys and other furniture, safes, lockers, special storage units or building service spaces. Classrooms with access only through an outside door and without an access card reader are all encrypted in the same way. All employees are expected to use their access control cards for access to buildings after work. Public safety must oversee the staff at Titan Court, which facilitates access control cards for residents and employees of the Mary Spilde Downtown Center.