Confidentiality Agreement En Francais

A confidentiality agreement[1] or confidentiality[1] (NDA) is a contract between two entities that obliges one of these organizations to keep confidential certain information that the other must transmit to it. The agreement can also be “reciprocal”, i.e. the two organisations undertake not to disseminate certain information exchanged. A confidentiality agreement[1] or a confidentiality agreement[1] (called “NDA” is a contract between two entities that require one of these entities to keep certain confidential that the other must disclose. The agreement can therefore be called “reciprocal”, and both companies have agreed not to disclose certain information exchanged. NDA comes from the English non-disclosure agreement and means in German a confidentiality agreement. Summary NDA Meaning NDA Translation NDA NDA Synonym NDA NDA NDA Means NDA is derived from the English confidentiality agreement and means in French an immortable agreement.