Bodoland Territorial Region Agreement Pdf

Bodoland (also Boroland), officially the territorial region of Bodoland, is an autonomous region of Lower Assam, in northeastern India. It consists of four districts on the north bank of the Brahmaputra River, in the foothills of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. It is managed by an elected body called the Bodoland Territorial Council, created under the conditions of a peace agreement signed in February 2003 and which strengthened its autonomy through an agreement signed in January 2020. The region covers an area of more than eight thousand square kilometers and is mainly inhabited by the Bodo and other indigenous communities of Assam. [3] [4] Football is the most popular sport in the region. The region has many football clubs, of which Baarhoongkha AC, Udalguri FC and Global FC are the best known since they participate in the Assam State Premier League, the most important football league in the state. The Bodoland Martyrs Gold Cup is held annually in memory of the Bodoland martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the cause of the Bodoland movement. [28] The region has also produced many athletes at the national level. Other sports in the area are badminton, basketball, volleyball, cricket, taekwondo, kabaddi, chess, archery and other local sports. [29] (40) Provincialization of all unrecetified educational institutions set up by different young people/local faculties of educational well-being in the region in the Council/territory, including 19 Degree Colleges and 14 Nos. Junior colleges. (z) In order to promote cinema/cinema and cultural affairs in the region and taking into account the creation of internal revenues, the Centre for the Construction of the Cinema/Film Centre in each sub-directorate of the Council/Territory will make available a single special financial package of Rs 100 billion (one hundred billion rupees).

As provided for in the Bodo Agreement of 10 February 2003, the Centre will immediately apply the same and pass the necessary law in Parliament to grant the Boro/Boro Kacharis, who live in the autonomous districts/Karbi Anglong, Sheduled Tribe (Hills) area. The Plains Tribes Council of Assam had requested, since its inception in 1967, that a separate Union territory for the Boro and other simple tribes be called Udayachal. [5] With the failure of the PTCA, the All Bodo Students` Union launched the Bodo movement in 1987 by demanding a separate state called Bodoland,[6] which ended with the 1993 Bodo Agreement with the creation of the Bodoland Autonomous Council. [7] Bodoland is named after Bodo, an alternative spelling of the Boro who live mainly in the dooars goalpara and Kamrup regions….